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We offer three styles of goat bridles; Bitless Bridle, Work Bridle, and the Showman Bridle.

The Bitless Bridle is recommended with training young goats and for goats that respond well to driving. This bridle works by putting pressure on the nose and poll and comes standard with all harnesses.

The Work Bridle comes with a 3 1/2" bit and puts pressure on the mouth, nose and poll. Recommended for goats that are a little harder to control.

The Showman Bridle is very popular in the 4-H show ring and comes with a 3 1/2" bit and padded noseband. This bridle puts pressure on the mouth and nose.

bitless bridle
work bridle
showman bridle

Goat Bit 3 1/2"

Parade Bridles with Plumes can come in any bridle and plume color combination. For instance; a black bridle can have a red plume or any desired color that we carry in stock. Plumes are designed to unscrew from bridle for easier storage when not in use.

Our plumes are made from top quality ostrich plumes and come in red, blue, green, purple, brown, black, and white.

We also carry velvet lined plume boxes to keep your plumes clean and to resist breakage. Plume boxes will hold up to 2 plumes. When ordering Plume Box, please indicate color of velvet lining.

Bridle w/ Plume
Plume Box



Size Measurement around nose, 1" above mouth

Measurement from corner of mouth, over poll to corner on other side of mouth
8 - 12"
10 - 16"
12 - 15"
15 - 23"
14 - 22"
20 - 28"

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