Our halters come in an array of colors and styles and are made with top quality hardware in nickel, stainless steel, or brass (depending on style).

We offer three styles of goat halters; the figure-8 control halter, the pack goat halter, and the driving/leading halter. See descriptions below to find a halter that meets your specific needs.

Although we carry halters in stock for standard to large sized goats, we can custom make any size halter, from the tiniest Nigerian to extra-large Boer bucks. There is no extra charge for custom made halters and we can have them shipped out within two business days. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a description of halter sizes.

Figure-8 Control Style Halter

Perfect style of halter when you need a little more control. Nose band tightens when goat pulls back. We use these halters when teaching our goats to lead or tying up difficult goats to trim hooves. This is a style of halter that you don't leave on since it can get very tight on the goat's nose.




Pack Goat Halter

Our pack goat halter has many unique features for the pack goat enthusiast. This halter is designed to leave on and is perfect for pack goats or an everyday use, leave-on halter. This halter features a quick release snap on the poll strap and removable high line dee ring for packing out goats over night.




Driving/Leading Halter

A must-have for 4-H Goat Cart Projects. This halter is ideal for teaching a young goat to drive. Our Driving Halter is made of heavy-duty double thickness nylon webbing and can take a lot of abuse from even the strongest goats. These halters also come standard with our training surcingle.



Halter Size Chart

Most of our halters sizes can easily be ordered by the breed of the goat as well as measured size.

Extra Large: Very large Nubian and Boer bucks

Standard: Standard sized dairy goats, such as Nubians, LaManchas, Larger Swiss breeds (Alpine, Saanen, Toggenburg, and larger Oberhasli)

Medium: British Guernseys, smaller Oberhasli, and yearling bucks and does.

Small: Miniature breeds and standard size dairy goat kids.


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