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Fall Harvest Cluster Bracelet w/ Czech Beads, Baltic Amber and Smokey Quartz on Sterling Silver Chain . $74
Light Sorrel Horse Hair Bracelet with Blue Rhinestone Horse Head Pendant Charm. $35
Russican Amethyst Stretch Bracelet with Amethyst Heart Pendant. $15
Forest Goddess Miniature Leather Book with Czech and Jade Bead Necklace. $65 SOLD
Ribbon Jasper, carved stone horse head bracelet with bronze star beads
Natural Garnet and Gold Stretch Bracelet $25
Dog Lovers Pink European Style Charm Bracelet. $15
Jet Black Horse Hair Tassel Style Key Chain with Horse Charm. $16
Southwestern Mini Glass Glow Bottle Charm w/ Horse Hair, Horse Shoe Charm and Turquoise. $25
Moss Agate Necklace with Large Pendant, Circle, Donut Beads and Smooth Round Beads. $48. SOLD
Smoky Quartz Chip 3-Strand Bracelet with Black Swarovski Crystals, Light Smoky Crystals, and Black Agate Onyx Beads. $35.
Red Heart Charm Bracelet with Locket Box and Braided Leather. $20.
Black Horse Hair Necklace with Large Natural Jade horse Pendant and Aventurine Beads. $155.
Natural Baltic Amber Chip and Topaz Swarovski 3-stand Bracelet. $35
Jet Black Horse Hair Bracelet with Natural Rose Quartz Beads and Heart Rose Quartz Pendant. $45.

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