Harness Size Chart

To help you select the perfect harness size for your goat all you need to do is make two measurements. For the first measurement, measure all the way around your goat's "girth". The second measurement is the "side" measurement which is the length from the middle of the chest to the middle of the buttocks.

  Girth Circumference Side Length (one side)
Standard/Large 46" min - 64" max.
(116.8 cm - 162.6 cm)
30" min - 40" max
(76.2 cm - 101.6 cm)


34" min - 64" max
(86.4 cm - 162.6 cm)
Medium will have a min. side measurement of 25" (<63.5 cm)
Miniature Custom order, girth circumference less than 34" (< 86.4 cm)
Extra Large Custom order, girth circumference greater than 64" (>162.6 cm)

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